Strobl Sharp PLLC Strengthens Estate Planning, Bankruptcy, and Corporate Expertise with Addition of Two Attorneys

Strobl Sharp PLLC is excited to announce the addition of two new attorneys to their team of seasoned and trusted lawyers, Paul Rzepka, Jr. and Anthony Cimini. Paul Rzepka, Jr brings a strong background in business law to the team…

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Stay Alert for Check Scams

In 2021, nearly 2.8 million consumers filed a fraud report to the Federal Trade Commission – the highest number since 2001. About 25% of those reports resulted in a financial loss, with the average totaling about $500. There are many…

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Incorporating Your Non-profit

A non-profit company or organization usually offers a benefit to the public through charitable, religious, civic, or educational activities and does not seek to earn a profit. Regulation of a non-profit falls primarily under the state government where it is…

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The 50/50 Partner Trap

Frequently when two people start a business, the new business partners agree on a 50/50 partnership, where they share equal authority over the operation of the business and share equally the profits and losses of the business. Even though a…

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Update on the Employee Retention Credit

To encourage employers to keep their employees on payroll during the pandemic, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”), signed into law in March 2020, established the Employee Retention Tax Credit (“ERTC”), often referred to simply…

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Commercial Real Estate: Tips to Increase Office Space Occupancy and Improve Tenant Retention

As hybrid offices become increasingly popular, commercial landlords are faced with the challenge of falling occupancy rates. The hybrid work environment puts greater emphasis on flexibility, as tenants are demanding shorter lease terms and adjustable lease space to better accommodate…

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Time’s Up! 2020 Corporate Tax Extensions Set to Expire

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent financial disruptions, it’s no surprise that many corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietors chose to take advantage of the 2020 business tax filing extensions offered by the IRS last spring. After submitting…

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Five Red Flags For Non-Competes

Chances are you will be faced with the decision of having to sign a non-compete agreement at some point in your career. The purpose of a non-compete agreement is to limit an employee’s future employment after he or she has…

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